Quick Acting Sammi Pipeline Blinds

Sammi offers the most advanced Isolation Pipeline Blinds

The SAMMI Pipeline Isolation Blinds achieves Zero Leakage. Sammi’s line blinds provide a valuable time-saving system for shut-down or maintenance requirements
The innovative yet simple open-close mechanism of our Pipeline Blinds means that one person can easily, quickly and safely isolate piping – up to 48″ (DN1200).
Swinging Blinds can typically take many hours and may require a crane or other lifting device. Calculating the cost of swinging blinds must also include lost production time and this is where Sammi Pipeline Blinds outperform the competition and show their true worth.

Our Blinds can be operated in 10 to 60 Seconds & No Tools Required

  • Quick, Safe and Simple Operation
  • Absolute Shut-Off with zero leakage
  • Highly visible and audible Open/Shut Positioning.
  • No spreading of pipeline to facilitate operation.
  • Easily operated by site personnel – Trades people not required.

Materials:  Our Pipeline Blinds are available in a wide variety of materials including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel and Titanium etc.

Sizes:  1/2″ ~ 48″ or DN15 ~ DN1200, also up to 100″ or DN2500

Pressure Rating:  ASME Class 150 through Class 2500

Standard Temperature Range:  -20°C ~ 200°C                              Cryogenic and High Temperature options:  -196°C ~ +816°C

Operation:  range from Manual to Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic with fully automative options.

Applications:  currently in use in Oil & Gas, Chemical Plants, Power Stations, Offshore, Steel Mills, Refining, Mining and Cement industries world wide.

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